Would you travel for a session? 

It is a possibility. However, this all depends on time, date and location. There would be an extra travel cost on top of your package. 

What if we need to reschedule? 

I prefer not to reschedule as it puts everything out. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Weather is bad, sickness etc. In those cases, I will make alternate arrangements with you.

If you decided not to follow through after paying your deposit then unfortunately you forgo your deposit.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes, there is a 25% deposit needed to lock in your session date.

When will our gallery be ready ?

It will be between 2-4 weeks. I always try to give some sneak peaks while you wait for the full gallery to arrive.

What if we do not want you to share our images on social media?

That is absolutely fine! Please let me know if this is your preference.

Do you touch up the images?

I love to keep things real and raw. However, I will sometimes remove blemishes if needed.

What can we expect once we book a session?

Once you are ready to book, you will receive an invoice for your deposit. Once your deposit is paid your date is locked in.

You will then be sent a questionnaire which helps me get to know your family and plan our session. You will also receive a welcome guide (with advice on outfits and what to bring). We will then have a phone call to plan your session.

Do you do prints?

Yes, there is a print store available for you to use. You will have accesse to this in your gallery. You can print out all your favourite images from the comfort of your home. They are then delivered to your door.

What if my children are not in the mood or misbehave?

You do not need to worry about this. I have worked with children for many years and have my own. I am very aware of all the emotions brought on the day. I will give you space to do your parenting. I will be getting those in-between moments like hugs and kisses that come after all the emotions.

What time do your sessions run?

My sessions run at sunset or sunrise. In home session is around 9:30-10 (but this can be discussed)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.